Custom Cabinets

General Contracting

When you decide on a project, when you need work done in a NYC co-op, call for a written estimate to be furnished. Some estimates are simple and may be furnished quickly. Others require more study and may include written proposals from licensed and insured subcontractors to be included. There may be custom cabinets involved. If the estimate meets with your approval we move forward: a deposit is furnished if necessary, and insurance documents are drawn up to be submitted to the co-op board and management company along with the building's Alteration Agreement. Some buildings have strict materials requirements for ceilings and floors. That's about the extent of the requirements to start work on most kitchen and bath jobs. Electricians and plumbers may file jobs and pull permits according the size of the job. An extensive remodel will be required to be filed with the NYC Department of Buildings and you will need the services of an architect and an expeditor in order to comply. Needless to say this adds significant cost and time to the job's execution.

Property Maintenance & Upkeep

Seroy, Inc. works with management companies, building superintendants, co-op boards, and private property owners to repair and maintain all aspects of a property. From caring for the famous olive knuckle door hinges at Castle Village, to laying pultruded fiberglass decking on City Island Yacht Club's reconstructed pier after Hurricane Sandy in 2013, Seroy, Inc. does everything within it's power to satisfy the client.

Professional Painting Services

We paint. We prep. We skimcoat. We sheetrock.

We use the Benjamin Moore Regal product line and their pallet of 1600 colors.

Residential Remodeling & Renovations

Call us to estimate your project. Estimates not intended for insurance reimbursement purposes are complimentary.

Typical remodels and renovation estimates are furnished for free. Pass-throughs, opening up of a kitchen, installing a “temporary” wall in order to create a nursury ot office, all kitchen and bathroom renovations and upgrades, all wall, ceiling, and floor refinishing are free.

What ideas do you have? How may I help you realize them? I have helped two generations of some families since 1993.

General Contracting

General contracting in NYC is like nowhere else. Plumbers have to be fast. Electricians need to show up on time and work well with the framers, tilers, finishers. Building water systems need to be shut down, elevators need to be scheduled, common areas need to be protected, the building's tenant's daily routines must not be disrupted, and the work needs to proceed in a timely manner. Clients need to know what to expect and when, what to have delivered, what to have provided, whether or not they need the services of an architect, or if the building's own staff are capable and allowed to make a repair or replace a window. Not like the suburbs - where there's plenty of parking and room for dumpsters, and no neighbors within earshot.

Residentail Upkeep

Maintaining property in good condition is our mission. Whether it's painting all the common areas of a building or repairing your ceiling from the upstairs apartment radiator leak our skill is unmatched as far as surface preparation and finishing is concerned – grout, tile, stone, plaster, millwork & moulding replacement, door hanging, planing, paint stripping, door and cabinet hardware repair/replace, cabinet hanging – these are all services handled in house without the use of subcontractors.

Subcontractors we use and recommend:

    K & G Electricians

  • 747 East 142 Street
  • Bronx, NY 10463
  • 718-432-8600

    L. Glashow Plumbers

  • 3462 Bailey Avenue
  • Bronx, NY 10454
  • 212-923-2550

    Brian Ginley Floor Refinishing

  • 914-260-3590

    Dip'N Strip

  • 106 Frederick Street Hackensack
  • NJ 07601
  • 601 201-487-1115

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free in home consultation, please give us a call at 917-709-8946.